Contest 2021

Thank you to all participating customers in our 2021 Contest. We loved seeing all of your amazing projects, creativity, and hard work come to fruition. With over 50 entries from customers all over the country, three managed to stand out with especially unique, one-of-a-kind projects. Congratulations to our three winners of this year’s Best Project Contest 2021!

Contest Winner 2021

Contest Finalists 2021

 1st Place: John | 21-2439

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 2nd Place: Jill | 21-2442

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 3rd Place: Donald | 21-2394

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 Mary | 21-2435

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Custom lake home in Michigan

 Stephen | 21-2426

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Cottage has custom cedar millwork inside and out

 Jeffrey | 21-2430

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Rooftop pergola and shed roof grilling station

More great projects from the 2021 Contest.

Large Screens on porch

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Large screens on a covered porch

Hood Corbels

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Corbels under the range hood

Arbor with Bracket 05T5

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Arbor with Wood Bracket 05T5

Over Door Trellis

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Over Door Trellis

Custom Porch

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Custom Porch and Gable Brackets

Renovated Front of Home

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Completely renovated the front of home