Custom Work

If you didn't find what you were looking for in our online catalog, you might want to consider placing a custom order. Since we do all of our manufacturing in-house, we have endless flexibility regarding custom orders. Your custom products can be based on one of our existing products, your blueprint or hand sketch, or together we can design something specifically for your project. In addition to a different design, you can also choose from among many softwoods, hardwoods, or exotic Wood Types   for your project. Before requesting a quote, please go to our Product Resources   page to understand our product measurements and language.

How to request a Custom Quote? You can call us at 770-406-6646 with your project details, fax them over to us at 888-540-9610, or preferably fill out the Custom Work Form below to receive a custom quote. If we have additional questions we will call or email you to make sure we are accuarately quoting the product you need.

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