Products Options

Next, to the product, you will find a Product Options ( if applicable). Below is a list with an explanation for every individual option, please give us a call if you need furder clarification on any of them. If you like to apply any of this product option to a product which doesn't have that option we always can do that with our custom work. Custom work is a simple process where you can customize any of our existing products, or we can work with your blueprint or hand sketch or together we can design something specifically for your project. Please click here to learn more.

Wood Species   

Our default wood type for products is Western Red Cedar. However, we offer more than 20 softwood and hardwood options, including popular timber choices like Douglas Fir, White Pine, Oak, and Poplar. To explore the possibilities, click on Wood Species.


Our most popular option, a smooth and even finish perfect for painting or staining. Manufactured from mill-cut timbers, dressed and with wood filler added as needed, then sanded to a 100-grit smooth surface with eased corners. Available on all standard products and all custom work.

Rough Sawn   

A more natural look and feel that blends in nicely with a wide variety of home interiors and exteriors. Manufactured from mill-cut timbers, resaw, roughed by hand with eased corners. Available on selected Wood Brackets, Wood Knee Braces, Wood Corbels, Rafter Tails, Gable Brackets, Window Shutters, Screen Doors, Fireplace Mantels and all custom work.

True Rough   

Retains the original thickness and character of the timber as it comes to us from the sawmill, providing a rugged and natural look. This finish is great to use if you have rough columns, beams, or other rough cedar products. Available on all custom work with 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" timber thicknesses.


Initially processed as our Brushed Rough finish option, then taken a step further with a labor-intensive process to create a beautiful, distressed, old fashion finish where all the wood grain, knots, and cracks come out. Available on selected Wood Corbels, Rafter Tails, Fireplace Mantels and all custom work

Keyhole Kit Installed   

Our Keyhole Kit includes Notch for Keyhole on the product you selected, 2 Keyhole Mounting Plates, and 2 Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor SP only for $6.99. Available on selected Corbels and custom work. Please Note: Notch and Keyhole, are always placed on the "Height" side. The standard product does not include a notch for the Keyhole.


Our countersink is a diameter hole cut into a Height Member, sized and position accordingly to the size and type of product. After the head of a countersunk bolt or screw is installed 1/4" below member surface, you can use our wood plugs to make the countersink even with the surface. Available on selected products and all custom work.

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch refers to the angle or slope of a roof, and it's expressed as a ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run, indicating how many inches the roof rises for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. We have an 8-foot Roof Pitch Chart    with a sample degree angle to help understand the slope and dimensions of a roof pitch.

Timber Thickness

When you are facing the Gable bracket, the thickness is the dimension front to back.

Timber Finish

Refers to the look and feel of the finished product.

Mounting Board

The mounting board is not for visual effect but recommended for simple Installation and overall durability.

Gable Bracket Assembled

Assembled gable bracket will be ready for installation and most likely delivered via freight carrier. The un-assembled gable bracket will prepped for assembly using Festool Dominos. Holes are pre-drilled, and Dominos are provided.