Design 112

Design 112

  • Wood Bracket 112T4SBP (112T4SBP-3647) Wood Bracket 112T4SBP

    Wood Bracket 112T4SBP


    Price: $559.00
    Wooden Brackets are handcrafted of solid Western Red Cedar Timbers. Cedar timbers have unique natural colors, grains, tight knots and textures. All of our Cedar Brackets are built to last, joined with screws or bolts depending on the size of the bracket...
    Product Line:
    Brackets - 112
    36 in
    47 in
    7 in
    Brace Thickness:
    3 1/2 in
    Brace Setting:
    Recessed 3/4 in
    Body Timber:
    5 in x 5 in - 1 1/2 in x 7 in
    Big Box or Freight
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    3D Model
    Price: $559.00
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