Gable Brackets Info

Gable Brackets enhance both residential exteriors and large commercial buildings by adding architectural flair and detail. Handcrafted from Western Red Cedar, these elements provide a natural aesthetic that elevates the character of any building project. They're ideal for standalone structures like gazebos and pergolas, as well as for sprucing up porches, entrances, and vaulted ceilings.


King Post - The central vertical member of the truss.
Web - These are the diagonal supports that distribute the force and help in transferring the load from the main beam to the king post.
Bottom Chord - The horizontal member at the base of the truss, supporting the structure's overall weight and connecting its two ends.
Face - The front-facing side of the truss.
Thickness - The depth or breadth of the truss component.
Width - This is the horizontal measurement or span of the truss from one end to the other, representing how wide the truss will be.
Roof Pitch - The slope or incline of a roof, presented here with multiple possible angles ( 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 ). The pitch values indicate the rise of the roof for every 12 units of horizontal span.


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