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Floating Mantel 4x10

Mantel Thickness:
3 3/4"
Mantel Projection:
9 1/2"
Mantel Length:
54" to 90"
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  • Floating Mantel 4x10 (FM-4x10)
  • Floating Mantel 4x10
  • Floating Mantel 4x10
  • Floating Mantel 4x10
  • Floating Mantel 4x10
Price: $239.00


Experience the beauty and authenticity of our 4x10 Floating Timber Mantel, constructed from genuine, massive timber for those who desire real, solid wood rather than hollow alternatives. After milling, the mantel measures 3 3/4" x 9 1/2" and is custom-crafted to your preferred length using exquisite Western Red Cedar. This premium wood adds warmth and character to your home with its rich tones and distinctive grain patterns, while the massive timber construction ensures durability and longevity.

Our expertly crafted mantel showcases a modern floating design with hidden metal brackets, offering a sleek and seamless appearance. The use of real, massive timber provides an added sense of depth and presence to your space, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a stunning focal point. Elevate your fireplace and enhance your interior design with this versatile, beautiful 4x10 mantel tailored to your unique preferences, while appreciating the timeless appeal and unmatched quality of Western Red Cedar and genuine massive timber construction.


 Product Options Explained


   Wood Species

Our mantels are crafted from "Western Red Cedar" as the standard material. However, we also provide a custom option to create mantels using various Wood Species   . Each wood species offers a distinctive combination of attributes: color, grain pattern, texture, and durability. If you want your mantel made from a different wood, please get in touch with us or complete the Custom Work Form   .

   Mantel Edge Finish

The "Eased Edge" is a gently rounded, hand-softened edge finish, offering a more refined appearance than a sharp, squared-off edge.
When a mantel has a "Rounded Edge", it means the edge has been curved with a 1/4" radius on a 4x10 mantel, resulting in a gentler, more noticeable curve than an eased edge.

   Mantel Length and Size - Finish

"Mantel Length" is the horizontal measurement of a mantel from end to end. When measuring for length, it's essential to ensure that your fireplace and mantel have a proportional appearance. "Mantel Size - Finish" Projection (9 1/2") is the distance a mantel extends from the wall. Thickness (3 3/4") is the distance from the top surface to the bottom.

   Floating Mantel Bracket

Floating mantel brackets    maintain a clean, minimalistic appearance while offering a sturdy foundation for your mantel, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality and making it easier to install on the wall. To ensure a perfect fit, we'll choose the right length of Floating Mantel Bracket based on your mantel measurement. Select "Yes, Install it on Mantel" if you like to buy one and have our team install it on your mantel.

   Decorative Hex Lag Screw

"Decorative Screws", could be placed at the front for a touch of style and visual interest. These galvanized screws are positioned 6" to 14" from each end, depending on the mantel's length. The screw heads are brushed, which creates a subtle, light rustic appearance when stained or painted. For a 3 3/4" thick mantel, one counterbore, 5/8" lag screw is placed on each side. The decorative screws do not provide any structural support.


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Since we do all of our manufacturing in-house, we have endless flexibility regarding custom orders, Size, Wood Species   , or Design. Call us at 770-406-6646 with your project details, or preferably fill out the Custom Work Form   

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