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Gable Bracket 45T40MB

Product Line:
Gable - 45
Gable Width:
40 in
  • Gable Bracket 45T40MB (GB45T40MB)
  • Gable Bracket 45T40MB
  • Gable Bracket 45T40MB
  • Gable Bracket 45T40MB
Price: $325.00


Gable Bracket 45T40MB with a width across the bottom of 40" is handcrafted from several Western Red Cedar Timbers. Joinery is used for the King Post, Queen Posts, and Wings with Mortise and Tenon domino connectors, hidden lag screws and exterior grade glue for additional durability. Gable accents are an excellent exterior addition for End Gable. Gable Bracket will be delivered fully assembled for simple Installation. This product is recommended for any house (with 10/12 or 12/12 roof pitch) which needs something beautiful in gable roof. Please go to Inspiration page to see how our customer used Cedar Gable Brackets.

An Explanation of Options

  • Roof Pitch: The angle of the incline or slope of a roof.
  • Timber Finish: Refers to the look and feel of the finished product. Please go to Surface Finish page for details.

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