Sheppard Brackets

Floating Mantel Bracket 82"

Backplate Size:
82" x 3/16" x 3"
Rod Length:
6" (7 on Plate)
Use on Mantel Length:
84" to 96"
Use on Mantel Thickness:
3 1/2" to 8"
Use on Mantel Projection:
8" to 12"
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Installation Videos:
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Price: $235.00


The floating mantel metal bracket is the perfect solution for creating a sleek, modern, and visually appealing mantel for your fireplace.

This metal bracket backplate is 3/16" thick, 3" tall, and 82" in length, with 7 rods 6" in length and 3/4" in diameter, providing a secure and invisible support system for a floating mantel or shelf with a thickness size of 3 1/2" to 8" and a projecting 8" to 12" and length 84" to 96".

The metal bracket is designed with functionality. Like all floating mantels or shelf brackets, these are best mounted to studs or studs over sheetrock. They are designed to hit every stud that falls behind the bracket with industry-leading screw mounting patterns. When the mantel is mounted correctly using a Floating Mantel Bracket, each affixed stud can support up to 50 pounds. To simplify the process of installing a 82" Floating Mantel Bracket, consider purchasing the optional Drilling & Routing Kit for Mantel Bracket 82".


 Product comes with...


   Floating Mantel Bracket 82" includes

  • Floating Mantel Bracket 82"
  • Single-bore drill guide
  • 16 - Premium Wood Screws 10x3" T-25 (for attaching the bracket to the wall)
  • 2 - Wood Screws 8x1-1/4" T-25 (for attaching the drilling guide)
  • 1 - Star Drive Bit T-25

   Drilling & Routing Kit for Mantel Bracket 82" includes

This kit is designed for easier installation of Floating Mantel Bracket 82". It's perfect for professionals installing floating shelves in multiple projects or for those working on DIY mantel projects.

  • Drilling template with setup for Single-bore drill guide
  • MDF Routing template
  • Auger Drill bit 13/16 | Length 7-1/2" (for Rod drilling)
  • Drill bit 1/8 (for Pilot hole drilling)
  • 14 - Wood Screws 8x1-1/4" T-25 (for attaching the templates)
  • Router bit (Shank Diameter: 1/4", Cutting Diameter: 3/4"; Cutting Length: 7/16", Total Length: 2")

Note: The Timber Build Drilling & Routing Kit fits only Sheppard Brackets product name Floating Mantel Bracket - 3" Backplate For Mantels 3 1/2" or Thicker | Width: 82" | Rod Length: 4" and 6". Will work with Rod Length 9" and 12" if you have the proper length of Auger Drill bit 13/16. If you like to purchase only Timber Build Drilling & Routing Kit for Mantel Bracket 82", Click Here.


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 Product Installation Videos

Use the drill guide

Using the router templates

Installing bracket on the wall

Brackets troubleshooting

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