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Gable Bracket 45T72

Product Line:
Gable - 45
Gable Width:
72 in
Big Box or Freight
  Specification Sheets
3D Model
  • Gable Bracket 45T72 (GB45T72)
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
  • Gable Bracket 45T72
Price: $650.00


Gable Bracket 45T72 with a width across the bottom of 72” is handcrafted from several Western Red Cedar Timbers. Joinery is used for the King Post, Queen Posts, and Wings with Mortise and Tenon domino connectors, hidden lag screws and exterior grade glue for additional durability. Timber gable accents are an excellent exterior addition for End Gable or placing Bracket directly on the Gable wall. For the interior, you can use gable bracket placing into the vaulted ceiling. Please go to Inspiration Page    to see how our customer used Cedar Gable Brackets.

   Suggested Use

  • Inspiration - Gable Brackets   
  • Accentuate Gable Ends
  • Enhancing Exterior Charm
  • Improving Facade Symmetry
  • Porch Roof Overhang
  • Over Garage Door Roof Overhang
  • Roof Overhang Support


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 Specification Sheets

An optional 3 1/2" thickness is shown on all Specifications Sheets.

45T72 8/12 45T72 9/12 45T72 10/12 45T72 12/12 45T72 14/12

 Product Options Explained


   Roof Pitch

Roof pitch refers to the angle or slope of a roof, and it's expressed as a ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run, indicating how many inches the roof rises for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. We have an 8-foot Roof Pitch Chart    with a sample degree angle to help understand the slope and dimensions of a roof pitch.

   Timber Thickness

When you are facing the Gable bracket, the thickness is the dimension front to back.

   Timber Finish

Refers to the look and feel of the finished product. Please go to Surface Finish Page    for details.

   Mounting Board

The mounting board is not for visual effect but recommended for simple Installation and overall durability.

   Gable Bracket Assembled

Assembled gable bracket will be ready for installation and most likely delivered via freight carrier. The un-assembled gable bracket will prepped for assembly using Festool Dominos. Holes are pre-drilled, and Dominos are provided.

   Diagram and Gable Brackets Info   

Please find more information about our Gable Brackets terminology and Diagram.

 3D Model

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